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Strategy Security Enforcment is the premier source for all of your security service needs including: security officers, bodyguard services, executive protection services, private investigations, security monitoring systems on-site or remote, and cctv, among others.We perform a variety of security services and private investigations to obtain just about any information you may think of on any person or business. 

Our private investigations and security services includes identity, reputation, conduct, affiliations, associations, movements, and whereabouts of just about any person, such as employees, business partners, spouses, boy/girlfriends, relatives, debtors, witnesses, etc. All operations are conducted by professional security agents and investigators who are experts on how to get the information or evidence you need quickly and accurately. 

Our clients for security services, private investigations, and other services include attorneys, bail bonds men, process servers, insurance companies, corporations, government agencies, jewelers, dignitaries, and general public.

Quality Control


 We guarantee a guard on site in less than 4 hours - Speak to a live dispatcher now

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We are headquartered in Miramar, Florida and our security guards operate state to state. Our highly-trained guards and security officers are available 24/7 for all your business, personal and event demands. 



 We take great pride in knowing that our customers rely on us to protect what is of value to them and it’s this goal that drives us forward. We value the trust we have earn through our years working with our customers and providing unparalleled results.

Equally important to us  is our relationship with our affiliate partners. We are proud to work with great affiliates who share our passion for loyalty and quality of service. Together we strive with determination and integrity to do our job to the maximum everyday. 

What We Do

We’ll Build a Customized Strategy Security Enforcement Team Around Your Requirements:

  • Strategy Security Enforcement Uniformed Officers
  • Private Label Uniformed
  • Unarmed/Armed
  • Front Desk/Guard Gate
  • K-9 Units
  • Specialized Medical Training
  • Plain Clothed Protection
  • Roving/Golf Carts/Marked Vehicles