Emergency Security & Disaster Security

Special Response Unit

Strategy Security Enforcement

Strategy Security Enforcement elite Special Service Unit (S.S.U.) has deployed nationwide to aid our clients in managing and protecting disaster areas, and for other specific needs which are not usually covered by your typical security company.

Prospective S.S.U. team members undergo extensive tryouts and training through a comprehensive certification process to ensure our clients receive the most highly trained security guards & professionals available in the field. Each of our experienced S.S.U. agents are carefully selected after completing their training and are fully certified.


Special Services Unit Agents receive advanced training in:


Building Clearing

  • Force Protection
  • Use Of Force / Tueller Drill
  • Tactical Low Light Training
  • Shotgun
  • Urban Rifle
  • Incident Response / Crisis Management
  • Edged & Improvised Weapons Defense
  • Hand to Hand Combat Training
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics
  • Tactical Handcuffing
  • Marksmen / Observation Training

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